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Give Me The Future USB

Give Me The Future, Bastille’s wildly-ambitious new album, is a tribute to tech times and a glimpse of what could be to come. Exploring both the opportunities of new technology and the dark side of lives lived online, it’s as playful as it is thought-provoking, as dystopian as it is dancefloor-friendly and as electronic as Bastille have ever been.

The engineers at Future Inc. have been hard at work. This limited-edition, credit card-style Give Me The Future USB drive features .wav files of the entire album, as well as a packed folders of exclusive content from the Innerverse including: multi-dimensional audio journeys, rediscovered memories, Future Inc. blueprints, decrypted source files and more.

1 Distorted Light Beam
2 Thelma + Louise
3 No Bad Days
4 Brave New World (interlude)
5 Back To The Future
6 Plug In...
7 Promises (by Riz Ahmed)
8 Shut Off The Lights
9 Stay Awake?
10 Give Me The Future
11 Club 57
12 Total Dissociation (interlude)
13 Future Holds (feat BIM.)